Welcome to ‘Away End’.

If you’re a football fan and you’ve shared in the misery of defeat on a cold, wet Tuesday night at some far off distant town, you will have also experienced the camaraderie and humour that inevitably shines through. I have no doubt you will have a story to tell of that memorable game and ‘Away End’ is the place to share it.

It’s not always an away game that provides that memory, it may not even have been at the game, but football inevitably be the reason. We all have our own team and rivalries that make the game matter so much, however we all have one vital thing in common, we are all football fans who experience the same highs and lows throughout a season and a lifetime watching the beautiful game.

All the stories on the site were written by football fans, us included. Everybody has their own special way of telling a story and it’s often that ability that makes the story even better. For that reason we try to leave the tales being told how they were originally written by the fans. You’ll find a lot of the recollections have nothing to do with the actual football on the pitch, more often than not that’s the disappointment. The events surrounding the game are what’s remembered and the reason why we keep going week in, week out, all in the name of football.

Take a look around the site and have a read of the stories. Hopefully your own precious memories of watching football will be rekindled and savoured once more. Even better than that, send them in to the site for other like minded football fans to enjoy.